Patriotism is Dead?

- 6/22/2023

Patriotism is dead … At least, that is what some people are saying. 

According to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, 62% of Americans say that patriotism isn’t very important.

But that sure isn’t how I see it. I know that patriotism is alive and well in this great nation. Our courageous fellow veterans and wonderful VFW members like you prove that every day — and we need to let people know. 

We are writing to the media to let everyone know that proud Americans like you DO care — and that the VFW is leading the charge! Will you add your signature to the VFW Patriotic Pledge? 

Sign the VFW Patriotic Pledge by July 4th so we can deliver it to media outlets across the country following the Fourth of July holiday. The MORE names, the LOUDER our message! 

Fellow veterans have defended this country we love. Today, they continue to uphold the values our nation so magnificently represents — honor, service and patriotism. And so do incredible members, like you.

Let’s make sure America knows what real patriotism looks like and that it is going strong! 

Sign the VFW Patriotic Pledge by July 4th to send our message LOUD and CLEAR.


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